A Layer of Protection: Garage Doors

4 Garage Door Problems to Leave to a Professional

When you have problems with your garage door, you are going to try to troubleshoot the problem and see if it can be fixed quickly. Sometimes, the problems with your garage door are issues that require professional help to avoid causing worse damage or being injured.

The following garage door problems will require professional help to repair and get your door working again:

1. Failing Garage Door Opener and Safety Systems

One of the first problems that you will troubleshoot is a broken garage door open. You may try changing the batteries in transmitters and making sure the power is on. Since the safety systems are usually connected to the opener, you will want to contact a professional garage door service if these troubleshooting solutions do not solve the problems with your garage door opener.

2. Out of Balance Door

Another problem that you may have with your door is the balancing, which you may try to fix by making sure the path is not obstructed and open and closing it to get it straight again. If these measures do not solve the problem, it may be an issue with the cables that are connected to the springs and you will want to talk with a repair professional to help fix the balancing of your garage door.

3. Broken Casters and Garage Door Track Parts

The garage door that is installed on your home has casters on the sides, which are the rolling wheels that allow the door to move up and down on its tracks. Sometimes, wear can cause these rollers to break and damage to other parts on the tracks. To repair these problems, it is usually going to require removing the sections with damage or the entire door, which is something you will want to have a repair professional do.

4. Worn, Weak and Broken Garage Door Springs

One of the most common garage door problems is damaged garage door springs. These support the door and allow the opener to easily operate the door. Replacing or repairing garage door springs is a dangerous job because of the tension on the springs, which is why you will want to contact a garage door service for professional help with these repairs.

These are some of the garage door problems that will require help from a professional. If the problem with your garage door is something that cannot be easily fixed, contact a garage door service to get your door working again.