A Layer of Protection: Garage Doors

Buying A Garage Door? 3 Styles To Take Into Consideration

Your garage door takes up a considerable part of the façade of your home, which makes it an important contribution to the overall appearance of your property. This is why the kind of garage door that you select is so important, although it may be difficult to decide since there are so many options for garage door styles. If you are ready to purchase or upgrade your garage door, here are three styles you should seriously consider.

Carriage House–Style Doors

These types of garage doors are ideal for homes with an assortment of exteriors like craftsman or rustic styles. There are several designs that feature an overlap that imitates the appearance of traditional wood doors. Carriage house–style doors come in a variety of designs like cross buck design and vertical panels. Hinge straps and metal handles can be added for functionality and decoration.

Though these doors are generally installed in sections, some are installed as a swing-out style. While wood doors were once the popular choice, especially when they were initially introduced, steel doors are the more popular choice today. Many garage doors consist of composite trim, helping to form a classic appearance.

Raised Panel–Style Doors

This style of garage doors is able to fit with virtually any architecture. Raised panel–style doors tend to feature a surface of stamped raised panels that are generally in a short square or long rectangular panel design. These garage doors can sometimes incorporate windows in order to offer ample natural light as well as an eye-appealing design element. Some of the more popular materials used for raised panel style doors include fiberglass, vinyl, steel, and composite.

Modern- and Contemporary-Style Doors

These types of garage doors offer a bit of a modern flair to them, which is great for homeowners who enjoy the contemporary style. These garage doors typically feature a flush panel with clean lines as well as sleek materials like glass, steel, and composite. They tend to pair very well with modern and even mid-century architecture. You can create a new look without having to worry about foregoing any level of privacy by adding translucent glass to the door. For a unique look and illumination, you can add a backlight at nighttime.

Whether you are looking for a garage door for your newly built garage or you would like to go with a new style of garage door for an upgrade, get in touch with a residential garage door company in your area.