A Layer of Protection: Garage Doors

The Safety Guide To Deal With Broken Garage Door Components That Could Cause Injury

If there are components of your garage door that have failed, messing with the door could cause injury. Therefore, you will want to know how to properly deal with these garage door problems safely. You will want to avoid messing with the springs and cables and disconnect the opener. The following guide will help you deal with the broken garage door in your home safely while you wait for help with repairs.

Locate The Emergency Release And Disconnect Your Garage Door From The Opener

Most modern garages have an emergency release for the opener. This is a cable that you pull on the opener to disconnect it from the door. When you have a spring or cable that has broken, the first thing that you will want to do is pull this cable to ensure the opener is not connected to the door and cannot be operated accidentally while you are waiting for help with repairs.

Getting The Door Closed And Locked

Sometimes, the problem could cause the door to become out of balance. This can make it difficult to close and lock the door safely. From the outside of the door, try to move it so it is even on the tracks and pull it closed enough to lock it. This can be dangerous to do from the inside if there are broken springs, so it is better to close and lock the door from the outside.

Make Sure The Garage Area Is Safely Locked To Keep Children, People and Pets Away From The Broken Door

The area around your garage can be dangerous when the door is damaged and disconnected from the opener. Therefore, you want to make sure this area is safely closed and locked. You want to lock the garage door, other entrance doors, and windows to ensure children, people, or pets do not enter the garage until after the repairs have been done.

Disconnect The Transmitter And Any Automated Controls In Your Garage While Waiting For Repairs

Today, your modern garage opener has many different options for controls and home automation. You want to make sure that all the transmitters and home automation systems connected to the door have been turned off. This will prevent damage to the door or other systems if these controls are accidentally used.

These are some of the things that you will want to know to deal with garage door problems safely while you wait for help. If your garage has broken springs, cables, or other parts, contact a garage door repair service to have the repairs done safely.