A Layer of Protection: Garage Doors

The Ultimate Guide To DIY Garage Door Inspection

Maintenance for your garage door is key, but how often should you check for issues? Some people claim you should do a "pass-by" on your garage door every month, others say every year. For safety's sake - and to keep it manageable - plan on performing a thorough inspection of your garage door once every six months. It will only take around ten minutes, and could save you from a world of inconvenience if you need to do some garage door repairs.

Start With the Door

Where else should we begin our inspection than with the biggest piece of the puzzle - the garage door itself? Check every individual panel for cracks and discoloration; if it's an insulated door, check to make sure the panels aren't coming apart. Then, check the action of the door itself. Does it stick going up or down? Are there any obstructions blocking the path of the door? Is it making a grinding noise when it's in motion? If so, contact a repair company to perform some much needed garage door services. Early prevention could allay bigger issues down the road, especially when you're dealing with the door.

Test the Button

Most homeowners have a wall button that makes their garage door go up or down, while others have one in their cars and another on the wall outside the garage. Test each one of them individually to see if there's a delay; if so, you might need to replace the battery. If they aren't moving at all, check the photo sensors on the floor near the door to see if something is in the path of the lasers.

Inspect the Components

Once you've tested that the door is in good, structural shape, lower it all the way and examine the individual components, such as the springs, cables, and rollers. Clear the track of any debris, and if necessary, call garage door repair technician to tighten the springs. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO TIGHTEN THEM YOURSELF. Torsion springs on garage doors are incredibly tight and can snap if not fixed properly, causing injury or death. You can perform simple garage door repair yourself if you find spots to improve, such as lubricating the rollers with a special lubricant to ensure efficient operation (WD-40 won't work since it's too thin for a garage door application), but if you find any bigger issues, leave it to the professionals to perform garage door services.