A Layer of Protection: Garage Doors

Three Ways To Transform Your Garage

Do you have a large spacious garage that is too full to even park a car in? Many homeowners find themselves parking in the driveway because the garage is like a giant "junk drawer" for the home. If you are ready to transform your garage, here are three ways to get started:

Clean It Out

It's time to take inventory when the garage starts to become a catch-all for cardboard, old baby toys, and tools. Start by pulling out all the garage contents into the driveway and sort it into three piles. A pile to donate, one to sell, and another to keep. Picking up each item and assigning it a pile will make a huge difference. When everything is sorted you are left with your new "keep" pile. Start again by making a pile for things that will stay in the garage and another pile for things that don't belong in the garage. Your final garage pile is hopefully much smaller and easy to deal with.

Find Systems That Work

Start finding ways to secure tools to the walls, hang bikes, and consider shelving for large bins. Labeling things clearly will save you a lot of time and frustration when you go looking for something. When you have a garage organization system that works you will be easily able to find your holiday decor and kid's hand-me-down clothes. You should define different areas of the space if your garage needs to be multi-purpose. Things like woodworking, hobby equipment, and general storage should be kept separate. Help get these spaces defined and organized so they can function well for you.

Consider Getting A New Garage Door

You may want to consider a new garage door. Many homeowners find the garage to be a dark space that is hard to navigate. You can find garage doors with windows that allow lots of natural light to fill the space. This helps the garage feel like an extension of the home and helps you see all your belongings with ease. Some garage doors have overhead motors with extra lighting to help illuminate the space too.

A garage transformation can change the way you feel about your home. Parking cars in the garage helps preserve their value and will feel great when you're dealing with winter weather. Being able to park in the space and see things with better lighting is a game-changer. Get started on your garage renovation today!