A Layer of Protection: Garage Doors

4 Common Garage Door Problems And How To Fix Them

It is easy to ignore garage doors until they stop working. The simple up and down movements can come to a stop due to complex problems that build up gradually. Sometimes overhead doors become dangerous, posing a danger to pets and children. These doors require constant maintenance, just like any other mechanical apparatus. Here is when you need an overhead door repair service.

1. The Garage Doors Is Too Noisy

Is there a screeching loud noise when the door is moving? It is common for overhead doors to make a noise, but it should not be too loud as to make people inside the house uncomfortable. Doors that are regularly lubricated make little noise. But there is a bigger problem if lubrication doesn't fix the noise. The hinges are usually suspect in this case. The roller tracks could also be worn out and not rolling smoothly. You should engage overhead door services to diagnose the problem and fix it before the doors become stuck in their tracks.

2. The Garage Door Springs Are Weak

The garage door raising and lowering mechanism has springs, cables and pulleys. The springs provide the push or pull to move the door. They are under constant high tension or pressure. This push and pull will wear out the springs gradually. You will notice the door raising or lowering slower than usual. It will also feel heavier than usual if you raise or lower it manually. Invite overhead door services to look at the mechanism and replace the springs.

3. The Garage Door Is Frozen

Sometimes the garage door will stick frozen to the floor because of ice. You might have an impulse to hit the garage door opener repeatedly, but you will only aggravate the situation. Forcing the door opener can damage the motor and door's gears. It often happens and you have to call an overhead door repair service to fix the situation.

4. The Garage Door Opener Is Faulty

You never realize how important the garage door opener is until you are locked out. Engage a garage door repair service if you had disabled the manual fallback for security reasons.

Observing overhead doors maintenance can extend their lifespan significantly. You will save a good amount of money. You will also avoid the inconvenience of being unexpectedly stuck out in the rain. Always work with an overhead door repair service to keep your garage doors in working condition.

Reach out to an overhead door service today to learn more.