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You May Need Emergency Garage Door Repair When A Roller Pops Out Of The Track

It's easy to take your garage door for granted until it suddenly won't open or close. Several things can go wrong with a garage door, including rollers popping out of the track. You can sometimes open and close a garage door manually when it malfunctions, but when a roller is out of the track, you don't want to bother the door or the situation could get worse.

A faulty garage door can even be hazardous, so you need quick repairs. You can often get help in a hurry by calling a 24-hour emergency garage door repair service. Here's why prompt repairs are important and a look at what the repair person might do to fix your door.

Why Emergency Garage Door Repairs Are Needed

Besides the inconvenience of your car being stuck inside or outside the garage, there are other reasons that make calling a 24-hour garage door repair service a smart move. If the door is stuck in an open position, intruders have easy entry to your garage and easier access to your home. If you have valuable tools in your garage, you don't want the garage door open all night.

If the weather is cold or hot, you need your garage door to close completely for climate-control reasons, especially if you have an insulated door and heating and cooling in your garage. If a bad storm happens to be expected too, a door that is open, even partially open, will let in wind and rain. Plus, the wind could cause further damage to the door.

How A Repair Person Can Fix A Bad Roller

When a roller pops out of the track, that's a sign of another problem. The repair person gets to the root of the problem so the roller doesn't just pop back out. If the rollers are worn down, they can be replaced. The track might need to be cleaned or lubricated. Sometimes the tracks come loose, or they get bent. Dents can often be repaired and loose tracks can be tightened, but if a track is damaged badly enough, it needs to be replaced.

The repair person looks for the area of the track where the roller popped out so the roller can be pushed back in. Then, the track is bent back in shape so the roller can't pop back out. Once the roller is in place, the garage door may need to be aligned and balanced again. Then the door is open and closed a few times to make sure it operates properly both manually and with the opener.

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