A Layer of Protection: Garage Doors

Something Abnormal With Your Garage Door? Here's How To Tell It Needs Service

When you notice anything unusual with your garage door, you should stop using it and figure out the problem. That's because forcing the door to move can cause extensive damage to some of its critical components. If the damage is repairable, a professional garage door contractor can fix it and restore the door's operations. If not so, you'll need to undertake a complete replacement.

Most garage doors exhibit similar signs when they become faulty. These signs are easy to notice if you are keen on your door's operations. Some of the indicators that your garage door needs service include the following.

Unusual Scratching Sounds

Your garage door might begin to produce scratching sounds after months or years of operation. In most cases, the sound results from a misaligned reinforcing strut or a problem with the end bearing plate.

A simple DIY adjustment on the two components might get rid of the annoying noise. However, you'll need to contact a specialist for thorough inspection and repair work. The expert will skillfully examine the door to discover the root cause of the unfamiliar noise. With proper diagnosis, they will provide an ideal solution for the problem. 

Motion Problem 

A garage door can develop motion problems due to different reasons. One of the causes is failing to open the door regularly, and oiling can remedy this problem. Defective components, including torsion spring and the extension spring cable pulleys, also contribute to motion problems. In this situation, hiring a licensed garage door contractor is critical. An experienced garage door repair specialist will inspect, repair, or replace the faulty components to restore your garage door's efficiency.

Remote Control Problems

A remote control problem when opening or closing your garage door indicates a need for servicing. If the remote only commands the door to move in one direction, a proper examination to deduce the problem is necessary.

Remote control problems may arise when the sensor becomes dirty, misaligned, or damaged. In that case, you'll need professional garage door services for cleaning, repair, or replacement of the sensor to restore its capabilities. 

A damaged garage door can cause many inconveniences and delays when entering and exiting the garage. Besides, it can lead to injuries or property damage if it happens to collapse accidentally. Therefore, you should get immediate garage door services whenever you notice any of the problems highlighted above. By doing that, you prevent the issues from escalating into bigger problems.