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What Can Garage Door Repair Do For a Slow Opening Door?

Is your garage door opening at a frustratingly slow speed? It is a security risk because you are most vulnerable when stationary outside your home. Your garage door moves slowly because of wear and tear after many opening and closing cycles. The tension in the door springs reduces. The friction between moving parts increases because of lower lubrication. 

A garage door that is opening slowly will soon come to a halt as the problem escalates. It is advisable to engage garage door repair services to a door speed movement problem. Here are some fixes they use to make the door move at optimal speeds.

Adjust Speed Settings

Most people do not change a garage door's moving speed and leave it to operate at default factory settings. This speed setting is adequate for many homes, but you can change the setting to your liking.

The garage door repair service changes the speed using the speed control screw in the opener mechanism housing. This hassle is why you need a professional service. They have the equipment to work the opener housing and change speed screw settings. Adjusting the speed usually works if there are no other problems.

Lubricating Moving Door Components

The metallic moving parts of a garage door develop more friction as the lubrication wears out. You will hear uncomfortable squealing and screeching noises as metal parts grind against each other.

A garage door repair service will target hinges' pivot points. The speed of folding and unfolding of the hinges determines how fast the door opens or closes. Next, they will lubricate the garage door rollers. They help in the door's movement along the tracks. Lubricating both rollers and track surfaces ensures smooth and quicker movement.

Replacing Torsion Springs

The tension in the garage door springs reduces as the door goes through many opening and closing cycles. The doors cannot bear the weight of the door and move them to match the speed of the door movement.

The garage door repair service inspects for breaks in the springs. If they are very loose, the solution is to replace them. This kind of operation is risky because of the high tension in the springs. The inspection can also reveal problems in other components such as the cable or objects stuck in the door's tracks.

Are you dissatisfied with the speed of your garage door? Call in services like Optimal Garage Doors to learn more.