A Layer of Protection: Garage Doors

Keys to Fixing a Garage Door Currently Off Its Track

In order for a garage door to move up and down, it needs to be on a track. Unfortunately, the garage door may not always stay on it. That usually happens when there is some sort of collision into the garage door, but regardless, you can fix this issue by knowing what repair protocols to observe.

Secure the Door with Vice Grips

When you start inspecting and adjusting the track that your garage door is connected to, you need a way to keep the garage door from moving. That's what vice grips will help you achieve. 

You can secure them around both ends of the garage door and feel certain about this component staying in place while you figure out what's necessary to get the track back in the proper alignment. Just make sure your vice grips are tight, but not so tight that they dent the garage door.

Open the Outside Edge of the Track

Manufacturers that make garage door tracks know that sometimes they can experience issues. That's why they make sure the design of the tracks allows the outside edges to open. That's going to help you get the garage door wheels back inside the tracks a lot easier.

You just need to get a device, such as some heavy-duty pliers, that enables you to open the outside edge safely. Your hands will remain in a safe location and you can quickly get the wheels back inside. Then you just need to put the outside edge of the track back in place. 

Perform Follow-Up Tests Using the Opener

Once you've put the garage door wheels back inside the track and have closed it correctly, you're ready to perform some follow-up tests. These are crucial to ensuring that your garage door was placed back inside the track correctly.

After the garage door opener is enabled, you can test the garage door to see if your adjustments were correct. Make sure there isn't a lot of movement from side to side or abnormal sounds coming from the door. If either problems happen or both, you may need to hire a professional for a track repair or adjustment.

Every once in a while, garage doors get off their track system. It's still a problem you can resolve as long as you manipulate parts of the track correctly using the right equipment. If there is ever doubt or you just don't have the basic tools, hire a professional from a garage door repair company in your are.