A Layer of Protection: Garage Doors

A Layer of Protection: Garage Doors

Three Ways To Transform Your Garage

Do you have a large spacious garage that is too full to even park a car in? Many homeowners find themselves parking in the driveway because the garage is like a giant "junk drawer" for the home. If you are ready to transform your garage, here are three ways to get started: Clean It Out It's time to take inventory when the garage starts to become a catch-all for cardbo

Most Common Garage Door Problems (And How To Fix Them)

Garage doors are a wonderful creation. They allow you to keep your cars and your possessions safe from theft and the outside elements, and if if you have an insulated garage door, they can actually dramatically decrease your energy bill.  But as great as they are when they're operating at full strength, they're even more annoying when they break down. Fortunately

How Do You Know When You Need Garage Door Spring Repairs?

Your garage door is equipped with either extension or torsion springs, which are located on the sides or top of the garage door. Extension springs and torsion springs generally have a lifespan of roughly 7 to 10 years. It can be dangerous when these springs wear down, so it is important that you are aware of the signs that these springs require repairs. In addition, y

The Ultimate Guide To DIY Garage Door Inspection

Maintenance for your garage door is key, but how often should you check for issues? Some people claim you should do a "pass-by" on your garage door every month, others say every year. For safety's sake - and to keep it manageable - plan on performing a thorough inspection of your garage door once every six months. It will only take around ten minutes, and could save y

The Safety Guide To Deal With Broken Garage Door Components That Could Cause Injury

If there are components of your garage door that have failed, messing with the door could cause injury. Therefore, you will want to know how to properly deal with these garage door problems safely. You will want to avoid messing with the springs and cables and disconnect the opener. The following guide will help you deal with the broken garage door in your home safely